My review of “3 Lies” by Helen Hanson

Looking for a fun thriller/mystery with plenty of plot twists and surprises? “3 Lies” by Helen Hanson could just be what you’re after.

Clint Masters is a man who made a great deal of money in the technology field, but who has taken a self-imposed leave of absence for personal reason. On the cusp of having a divorce finalized, he has been dating Beth Sutton. At the start of “3 Lies” they were to meet for breakfast at Beth’s house, but when Clint arrives she is nowhere to be found. His search for her is the main storyline.

I prefer not to delve too deeply into plot as it would spoil things for future readers, but I found much to enjoy in “3 Lies.” There are several sub-plots that may or may not affect the main story, and interesting characters propelling things forward. Like any good mystery, the careful reader will develop some theories along the way and may be rewarded by finding out they were right in the end; for the record, I was right about a few, but wrong on many more — but that’s part of the fun I had.

Towards the end of the book the chapters come fast and furious, which initially I thought was off-putting, but then I realized the structure mirrored what was happening in the storyline, and it made a lot more sense to me.

I would recommend “3 Lies” to anyone looking for an intelligent mystery-thriller.


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