My review of “Convergent Space” by John-Paul Cleary

Centuries have past since the Great Wave devastated and altered much of the galaxy. Earth has been blamed for producing the Wave, and has spent the intervening years attempting to clear its name by sending out archeosoldiers to discover what happened.

Ronelle Tintet had been one of those investigators before an injury allowed her to sideline herself. Rone’s belief in the need for and importance of the Great Search, as Earth’s quest is called, has been badly shaken, but a new discovery results in her return to active duty. With the help of her mechanical companion Necessity, and Tinh, a member of the Phlegar race that is somehow connected to the Wave, Rone sets out to learn the truth.

To say much more would give away a lot of the plot of this exciting space epic. Filled with imaginative concepts and imagery, Convergent Space also addresses some lofty questions about right and wrong. The plot has plenty of twists and turns, too, enough to keep me turning pages late into the night. I greatly enjoyed reading it and look forward to more from John-Paul.


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