My review of “Purge of Promethius” by Jon Messenger

With “Purge of Prometheus” Jon Messenger brings to a close his Brink of Distinction trilogy with all the action, intrigue and character emphasis we’ve come to expect from the two entries. No spoilers here, but there are plot twists and turns aplenty as his cast of characters evolve in surprising and interesting ways as the war between the Interstellar Alliance and Terran Empire continues.

Messenger’s universe is fascinating as was the decision to make the “good guys” not the humans of the empire, but the alliance of six different species. Knowing he is an active duty solider who has spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq, I was also interested in the ways his characters, mostly military men and women, dealt with situations that mirror events from our own world, including prisoner interrogations, uprisings and combat.

I recommend all three books and look forward to more from Jon.


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