My review of “The Conchenta Conundrum” by Paul Anthony

If you’re a fan of the PBS series “Mystery” then “The Conchenta Conundrum” by Paul Anthony is a must-read. Even if you’re not, buy this book: I enjoyed it immensely.

I’m partial to the TV show “Foyle’s War” myself, and this book has many of the same elements I love in that show. Several parallel stories involving murder, larceny, politics, organized crime and high finance that intersect in surprising and delightful ways. A thoughtful, engaging protagonist in Inspector Davies King who is dedicated to solving crimes by using his intelligence, wits and experience — but who is also not afraid to throw a punch or come up with a shortcut to the truth. A great “supporting cast” of unique and well-drawn characters on both sides of the law.

And the language! I admit to being a bit of an Anglophile, so reading about having matters “sorted” among other English terms made the story that much more enjoyable to me.

Mr. Anthony’s other titles have moved directly to my list of future reads, and I highly recommend “The Conchenta Conundrum” to anyone looking for a an intelligent, well-written and fun-to-read mystery.



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