My review of “Children of Discord” by C.C. Cole

Children of Discord, the second book of the Gastar Series, by C.C. Cole (@GastarBooks) has everything that I greatly enjoyed in the first entry, especially the ultimate assassin, Shevata.

Here the teenage assassin renews her battle with Goldeon, a boy she regrets saving from the depths of Hell. Goldeon has great power and nefarious plans for the city of Gastar, which has enjoyed two hundred years of relative peace and prosperity since the last time we journeyed with Shevata.

Rather than repeat what I praised in my review of Act of Redemption, the first Gastar book, let me just add that the character of Shevata continues to grow in the latest installment. Ms. Cole once again does a great job of balancing the teenage assassin’s awesome power with the knowledge that her actions have consequences that can and will ripple through time.

I highly recommend Children of Discord as a refreshing take on the Fantasy genre. You won’t need to read Act of Redemption to enjoy it, but I would strongly recommend it anyway. Ms. Cole tweeted recently that the third book of the series is nearing completion.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Read more about the Gastar series and Ms. Cole’s other interests and thoughts on her author blog.


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