My review of “Blood and Groom” by Jill Edmondson

Having already read and greatly enjoyed the middle of the three (so far!) books of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries series by Jill Edmondson (@JillEdmondson), I had a pretty good idea what Blood and Groom would be like: a fast-paced and fun story with some twists and a winning protagonist.

I could easily repeat everything in my review of the middle book, Dead Light District, about Sasha Jackson being a fun and realistic protagonist who makes some mistakes along the way but ultimately prevails. Her observations and inner dialogue are frequently laugh-out-loud funny, and she is surrounded by a supporting — and supportive — cast including family and friends.

No spoilers, but Blood and Groom details one of Sasha’s early cases after getting her private investigator license. Up to this point she’s been mostly doing background checks for employers while also working as an operator at an erotic phone line (?!), but then Christine Arvisais walks through the door.

Christine was dumped by her fiancé just months before their nuptials, but then the groom-to-be ended up getting killed — get this — on the day they were supposed to be married. The police have no suspects (Christine has an airtight alibi and was cleared) and are calling it a random act of violence, but for socialite Christine the stigma and whispers are too much. She wants Sasha to find out who the killer is to clear her “good” name once and for all.

That’s enough to get the story started; from there Ms. Edmondson tosses a few red herrings and blind alleys at Sasha as she delves into the “Mystery of the Fatal Fiancée” as her good friend Lindsay takes to calling it. The twists are well-played and the story resolution is very satisfying.

All of the Sasha Jackson books — I  am confident enough after the first two to recommend the third without even reading it! — would be perfect choices for anyone looking to pick up a fast-paced, fun light mystery. They’d be perfect companions for relaxing on the beach or curling up on the couch on a rainy day

I have the third book, The Lies Have It, on my Kindle and suspect it won’t be too much longer before I am once again walking the streets of Tornto with Sasha.

To learn more about Sasha and her creator, visit the author’s website.


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