The Kindle Book Review gets a new, better home

As the dozen or so of you who read this blog regularly know, my novel Carpathia was selected as a Semi-Finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012 contest.

Recently The Kindle Book Review site on Blogger “caught fire and burned to the ground” as KBR’s Jeff Bennington put it. But fear not, as this was actually a good thing. It means KBR’s following is growing, and fast. Too fast for their old home, so they’ve moved over to WordPress, where they own the domain.

The new site is

For more information, and how we (Indie authors and readers) can help KBR in this transition, here’s an excerpt from an email from Jeff Bennington I received yesterday:

 The good news is, we are a wordpress blog now and we own our domain, which will help us immensely over the long term and we are already seeing a big difference in the way wordpress links our site with social media (likes, etc). We still have hundreds of email subscribers (we are switching them over now), thousands of KBR twitter followers, and our Triberr tribes. It will take some time for the search engines and SEO to kick in, but we are going to pay for serious SEO assistance to get us not only back to where we were, but to put us far ahead of the old blog.

More good news -> We are better poised to handle growth, we will own our content and our content will no longer be subject to Google’s authority, and we will have a better social media interface (tech jargon I know). But here’s the key: WE NEED YOUR HELP. The following is a list of things you can do that may seem small, but can help us recover in a BIG way:

1) RT our tweets @Kindlbookreview or “Like” of facebook page, share, etc. This will confirm to authors/readers that we are still alive.

2) Share our new url: I’ll even give you a sample tweet. Do not shrink the link so they see our full address.

Sample tweet: Yea! The Kindle Book Review @Kindlbookreview is still alive and kicking. See our new site here ~>

4) Blog about the new site and share the “Good news” listed above. As bad as it feels, this is a very positive thing.

5) Try to be a firefighter. Help authors and your readers stay positive. This is a good thing.

6) Direct your reader friends to the new site. Maybe even send out an email in support of the change?

7) The contest is still on and I will announce the “Finalists” on Sept. 1. If you have not sent me your “Top 5 list” please do that soon. Please let anyone who asks know that the contest is a go.

Any of these things would be great, and we would be incredibly thankful for your help. Thank you once again for being patient and understanding – we want to continue promoting indie/small press authors for years to come.

Much love,

Jeff Bennington
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One response to “The Kindle Book Review gets a new, better home

  1. Right on. Anytime I go on %source_url&%, I find a website that is informative and thought-provoking.
    . It’s generally helpful to examine posts from fellow authors and incorporate items from other sites.

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