My review of “Brother’s Keeper” by Glenn Gordon

The action in Brother’s Keeper by Glenn Gordon (@gdgordon3) starts with a brutal series of murders on Seattle’s waterfront and it doesn’t let up until the very satisfying conclusion.

The day after those murders, security expert Mackenzie “Mack” Fraser is informed by a good friend who is an ex-cop that he has been identified as one of the victims. These events set the plot into motion and as previously noted it doesn’t let up as the story bounces around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, as well as Northern California and the Midwest.

Very little is what it seems on the surface in this story, which makes taking a break from the story pretty tough. The reader will feel compelled to read “just a little more”  to see what happens next.

As always, I avoid spoilers, and honestly with this story that policy makes it tough to say more than I have already. The suspense builds and builds as the obstacles grow, keeping Mack from discovering the truth about the dead man who looks just like him.

If you’re looking for a twisty and action-packed murder mystery with a great setting (disclosure: I live half-an-hour from Seattle) and an interesting cast of characters, then Brother’s Keeper should be on your To Read List. Perfect for a late-Summer read, it was tough to put down.

Glenn’s blog, sub-titled “Irregular Thoughts on Life and Writing,”  can be found here.


One response to “My review of “Brother’s Keeper” by Glenn Gordon

  1. Hey Scott, I wanted to thank you again for the flattering review of Brother’s Keeper, and especially for making the effort to post that review on Amazon; I’ve already received a few acknowledged purchases as a result. Cheers!

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