My review of “The Lies Have It” by Jill Edmondson

The Lies Have It, the third book of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries series by Jill Edmondson (@JillEdmondson), is more of what I enjoyed so much about the first two entries: Multiple storylines that overlap in some interesting places, fast-paced, fun and told from the perspective of Toronto’s sexiest private investigator, the wonderful Sasha Jackson.

Although somewhat new to the PI field, as Lies opens Sasha has many cases under her belt, including two big ones as told in Blood and Groom (my review) and Dead Light District (my review), and her confidence and sleuthing ability are — to this reader at least — noticeably improved. She also has a new romance going on, the first serious one for her in quite some time.

So, all in all, things are looking up for Sasha when she arrives at her favorite watering hole to help out a friend who works there by serving drinks at a private party. Not just any party, however, but a meet-and-greet (and beat?) for a local fetish club.

No spoilers, but from this richly described opening scene, Sasha gets involved in a murder, a missing persons case and a fraud investigation. Oh, and there is a political campaign going on as well, in which Sasha’s brother the restaurateur has decided to actively support one of the many candidates. How does it all tie together? You’ve got to read it to find out.

As I previously wrote, Sasha is a very likeable and humorous protagonist. Her inner-mind observations are often quite funny, and I for one would like to have a copy of her music playlist. Having her progress as an investigator seemed very logical to me; she’s had some high-profile successes and learned lessons from them. That isn’t to say she won’t still make some mistakes, but I would expect Sasha to be finding her rhythm by the third book.

Sasha’s family and friends make a great supporting cast, and I would also highlight the role played by  city of Toronto. I’m sure the vivid descriptions of the city and its environs are treats for natives, but they also have me wanting to visit and poke around “The centre of the universe, T-dot, Hogtown, YYZ, or Canada’s version of the Big Apple” to use Sasha’s own words. Of course, having Sasha for a tour guide would make any trip a lot of fun.

I’m not sure what Ms. Edmondson has planned for Sasha’s next case, but rest assured I’m looking forward to reading it. I highly recommend the Sasha Jackson series for anyone looking for fast-paced and fun light mysteries. Perfect companions for curling up on the couch on a rainy day or taking to the park or beach.

To learn more about Sasha and her creator, visit the author’s website.


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