My review of “Fiasco” by Thomas E. Ricks

Essential reading. A sobering retelling of the missteps that led us into Iraq and created the disastrous situation in that country after our invasion.

I held off on reading this book for a long time; following our recent election I decided the time had come, so I doubled up on my blood pressure meds and dove in. That proved a wise precaution, because my anger at the callous and inept way in which political and military leaders fumbled, bumbled and outright deceived has hardly abated.

I knew most of the salient facts (and opposed our intervention in Iraq) but this clear-eyed book lays everything out in a very readable and highly concise fashion. It is impossible for me to believe anyone — regardless of political party or leaning — who reads this book can come away with any other impression of our intervention in Iraq than that is so accurately encompassed in the title Fiasco.


4 responses to “My review of “Fiasco” by Thomas E. Ricks

  1. “The Gamble” by Ricks is an excellent follow up. I’ve read a number of books on OIF and for my money “Fiasco” and “The Gamble” are the two best.

  2. You are welcome, sir, and thank you. Also greatly enjoyed (and posted link on this blog) your article “General Failure” from The Atlantic. I will follow with “The Gamble” and “The Generals” in due time.

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