New edition of “Carpathia” available now

I’m getting ready to release The Devil’s Harvest on the world, and part of that is doing some maintenance work on Carpathia.

As of today (Monday, Nov. 26) there is a new edition of Carpathia available on Amazon (click here) available for the low-low price of $.99! This edition reflects the book’s status as the opener for the Carpathia Timeline, and it also includes  Bonus Fun Facts as well as four chapters from The Devil’s Harvest.

Do you *need* to get the new edition if you already have Carpathia? Not really, the fun facts are right here and I’m sure you’ll be buying The Devil’s Harvest when it comes out, right?

Wait, what? You haven’t bought Carpathia yet? You’re not aware of how much an action-packed, Steampunk, airships and vampires fun-filled thrill ride it is? Well, now’s the time my tardy friend. For less than a dollar US (until the taxes kick in), you can have the special edition.

And then come back soon to pick up The Devil’s Harvest. You do that, I’ll forgive you. 🙂



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