I’m giving away signed copies of my books

Side by Side Books

Quick update (Jan. 14): I’m going to close the contest to entries this Friday, January 18. The response has been more than I expected, so I don’t see any reason to drag it out another week.

Who doesn’t like something free?

I decided to start 2013 by holding my first book giveaway, and to make it special I’m going to give away signed copies of both books from the Carpathia Timeline (Carpathia and The Devil’s Harvest) to some lucky person(s) in North America (sorry South America, Europe, Asia and Australia … I just can’t afford the postage).

Notice I used the could-be-plural “person(s)” above? That’s because if I get 20 or fewer entries, I will give away one set of books. If 21 or more people enter, I’ll hand out two sets. Prefer eBooks? I can do that instead but you won’t get my signature, which is on file with the U.S. Treasury Department — no kidding.

About now I bet you’re asking: “What do I have to do?” Not much, I promise you. Here’s are the details:

The Carpathia Timeline Giveaway

Dates: January 3-25 18, 2013
What: Signed copies of Carpathia and The Devil’s Harvest, the first two books of the Carpathia Timeline.
Who: Anyone in North America (Canada and the United States)
How to enter:
1. “Like” the Carpathia Timeline page on Facebook; OR
2. Send an email to 40WestMedia@comcast.net with the subject line “Book Giveaway” (NOTE: I will not sell or give out your email, or use it for any other purpose than to communicate with the winners of this contest).

Winners will be selected by random drawing and contacted for mailing information.

It’s just that easy, so what are you waiting for?


5 responses to “I’m giving away signed copies of my books

  1. Scott – Those are some seriously gruesome covers! How could anyone NOT want to read those after seeing the covers?

    Grampy, aka JaxGrampy, aka Grampy Lee

  2. I would love to get your books to read. I’m always open to new genres to try. If i get picked i would happily spread the word on fb and twitter about your work.

  3. I’d enter but I don’t do facebook.

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