New review of “Carpathia”

CarpaCover 11-12thia received an honest review by Adelaida Saucedo on her website. The highlight of the review for me was this:

The plot is intriguing, and fast paced. We find historical drama, military action, vampires, werewolves and steampunk. Not an easy combination, but it works.

Of course, the “honest” part alluded to above means Ms. Saucedo also found things she didn’t like as much, to wit:

The narrative has some problems, it’s a bit “shaky” sometimes, as if the author didn’t spend too much time thinking about structure or language. In some places, it can get repetitive, especially at the beginning of the novel. But it gets better as it moves forward.

No quibbles from me about this, and thank you Ms. Saucedo for the insight. This is not the first time I’ve been told my ideas are better than my writing, so that is something I’m going to pay extra attention to in the future.

I hope she finds The Devil’s Harvest, which she has and told me in a Twitter message that she will read, to have more of the same in terms of exciting plotlines while also being more polished structurally.



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