Review of “The Devil’s Harvest” by Olethros


Doing my daily check of Goodreads the other day, I found The Devil’s Harvest had gotten its first review. Olethros gave TDH 3-stars, and because the review was in Spanish I asked him via Twitter to translate. His reply took five tweets, which I have cobbled together here:

DH revision smallerMy opinion: Steampunk novel with fantastic touches, narrated with interest at the beginning but with monotony as the plot goes on, full of action but with not true sense of danger, obviously overloaded, with well-known characters showing an steady déjà vu, with good moments but no surprises and, in general, a correct novel. Prominent: What it could have been but does not manage to be. Evoked potentials: Last part of “The Bloody Red Baron”; less epic but more operational than “Leviathan”; mixture of the atmosphere of “Deathwatch”, but with zombies and shooting, and “The Sky Lords” more retrofuturistic, with vampires and werewolves.

(If you read Spanish and care to see the full review on Olethros’ blog, Libros de Olethros, click here)

I’ve been waiting for awhile to get a review of TDH, and greatly thank Olethros for taking the time and trouble. Would I have liked a more glowing review? More stars? Of course, but I don’t necessarily disagree with his observations and I definitely appreciate the way he presented them.

Remember folks, the book is $.99 on Amazon … less than a pack of gum. Try it, you may like it and have some fun with it — a little or maybe even a lot. And if you don’t? … well, its not like you had to mortgage your house (or you buying it helped me pay off my mortgage!)   🙂


One response to “Review of “The Devil’s Harvest” by Olethros

  1. Thank you, Scott, not only for writting but also for letting me enjoy your work for free. This is a gesture that deserves no less than a review.

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