My Review of “Corrupted” by Emmy Yoshida

17311192Subtitled “A Tale of Sex, Scandal and Suspense” Corrupted by Emmy Yoshida (@EmmyYoshida) tells the story of Ria, a fun-loving English girl who finds herself in a whole lot of trouble on the other end of the world from the high-class London strip club where she works to pay her way through college.

Working one night she meets a handsome, charming Australian businessman who happens to be worth millions, and they experience an instant and mutual attraction. In short order he convinces her to move Down Under with him, where she finds out he isn’t the charming Prince she thought he was.

After my last read, a history of the Algerian War of Independence, I was in the mood for something decidedly lighter and I found Corrupted to be a quick and fun read, with a few twists I didn’t expect including the ending. This isn’t a genre I have read much of, but — and I hope I don’t offend anyone — I would say if you like Lifetime channel movies you will enjoy this story. That isn’t meant as a putdown, merely a comparison by someone who, frankly, hasn’t watched many Lifetime movies.

The author has herself been an exotic dancer, and on her website she writes Corrupted is “…a mixture of memoir and fiction, many of the scenes in it are based upon her own experiences as a dancer.” No doubt one of those experiences must have been a pervasive and stereotypically negative view of her job choice, which the author deftly defuses on her blog and in the novel (short answer: No, strippers aren’t prostitutes).



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