New review for Carpathia

Carpathia received a very nice review from author J.D. Hughes.

A solidly crafted original work. Recommended.

Cover 11-12May 26, 2013
This review is from: Carpathia (Carpathia Timeline) (Kindle Edition)

I’m not a great fan of vampire stories apart from Bram Stoker’s `Dracula’, which set the bar high. I see every character as either Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing from the 1960s Hammer Horror films – great stuff, but somewhat predictable. The recent batch of very popular vampire novels didn’t impress me much, either.

But `Carpathia’ is a wonderful book for vampire fans and even non-fans, like me! It’s not just a vampire story, although it has many elements of the classic vampire tale. No, it is a terrific, horror/steampunk adventure story complete with wonderful dirigibles and steam driven automobiles set against the background of revenge, intrigue, political plotting and a decent but not overdone amount of vampiric bloodletting. It reminds me, in some aspects, of the novels of John Buchan and as a fan of `The Thirty Nine Steps’ and other Buchan classics, I don’t award this bouquet lightly (keep reading review)





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