Reversing to the future

The other day I was posting a book review and when done, as I usually do, I clicked “view post” to ensure the finished product looked the way I wanted. For whatever reason, while doing so I noticed the blog sub-title, “The things that cross my mind…”, and realized at one point I had some aspirations for this small corner of the webisphere.

Aspirations that have gone largely unrealized.

Along with sea stories from my Navy career and book reviews, I had hoped to write posts with my views on pop culture, writing, politics, sports, and national and world events — all sprinkled with my particular “it really isn’t as smart or funny as I think it is” snarkiness. Instead, today, what I’ve posted is a lot of book reviews and not much else — even my sea story production has become scarcer than reasonable people at a Tea Party rally.

I could give you a plethora (Ed: It means “a lot” kids, look it up) of reasons why I haven’t followed through on my plans. Those who know me best would probably tell you Not Following Through and I are old, dear friends. A lot of it had to do with the general loss of “inspiration” that has my third novel currently hanging in limbo (Ed: you can read the prologue here…someday I hope there will be more).

But mostly there was the overwhelming feeling that not very many people care to know what I think, or “what crosses my mind.” In this age of Indie Publishing, social media, 24-hour news, the Web and 500+ channels of TV, lord knows there is more information floating around than any of us can reasonably process. Why add to it?

And yet…why not? You certainly don’t have to read it — the great filter for all that floating info is between your ears — but if I want to write it … well, why not? It’s not like I took a different approach with my novels (Ed: what he means, kids, is he knew they wouldn’t be best-sellers when he wrote them — and they sure haven’t been — but he still wrote and published them).

I could have just started posting more often and on broader subjects and not written this, I suppose. But I’ve always done better working in a more structured environment and with defined goals. By putting this out on the blog, I’m hoping my friend Not Following Through will be hanging around less and my too-long absent Muse more.

To go along with this hopefully new-found enthusiasm for embarrassing myself publicly, I’ve complete a design update to the blog which I hope won’t be too distracting.

Let the fun begin.


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