The Spam Files

I love comments on my posts. And WordPress has a pretty good spam filter, but you know anything made by people can be circumvented by people, too.

Oh, my! Could we have a hyperlink alternate contract?

Um, no. KTHXBYE!

*  *  *  *

This reminded me that just a week or so ago I received a very convincing-looking phishing email, too, the latest in a string of those. Sometimes I wonder if anyone “falls” for these things, but then I think to myself: Of course someone does; otherwise these tools would just fold up shop and try some other scam. Right?

Ladies and gents, boys and girls…at the risk of sounding like A Very Special Blog Post let me just remind you again to be suspicious of anything coming at you electronically. Yes, even if someone you know and trust sent it to you, there is no telling they didn’t get hacked.

Don’t click on links, don’t give out ANY information. Be especially wary of anyone trying to scare you with short notice deadlines or dire warnings. Know, too that every company you deal with these days, including banks, credit unions, cable providers, etc., has contact information on the web and many also have guidelines for what to do if you suspect phishing or a scam.

Capture3 copy


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