My Review of “The Somnibus Book I: Finding The Mark” by Craig McGray

9123g7IESML._SL1500_An interesting paranormal novella that I enjoyed reading, finishing it in just a few hours.

The Somnibus: Book I – Finding the Mark by Craig McGray (@craigstrispot) opens with Michael watching his parents die in a fiery car crash; in her final moments his mother manages to pass him a small stone which obviously meant something to her. Later on when a grieving Michael falls asleep while holding the stone he experiences a terrifying and terrifyingly vivid dream filed with dark and evil creatures — the Somnibus. But…was it a dream? Or was it a glimpse at another realm of existence, a realm in which the Somnibus rule?

There are more questions than answers for much of this novella, which moves at a satisfyingly quick pace. The twists and turns along the way throw much of what is learned earlier in the story in doubt, which makes reading the second novella in this series a must for me. I suppose that’s the point of a “set-up” story, to get the reader to come back for the next installment.

Still, I’m not complaining.



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