My Review of “Planks” by SC Harrison

17973147A series of creepy vignettes with an imaginative setting, Planks by SC Harrison (@SCHAuthor) is a short story that stuck with me long after putting my Kindle down. I read each “chapter” twice before moving on to the next; the second time through to savor the little details.

The setting for most of the action is The Planks, an isolated mountain town built atop a boarded-over lake, a once pristine body of water that has “turned.” The town serves as the connection between the vignettes, each of which peels back a few layers of the bigger picture. I’m not sure I can say more without spoiling the enjoyment of future readers.

I greatly enjoyed Planks and recommend it as a quick, engrossing read. As an author myself, I must admit to being terribly jealous of Ms. Harrison’s imagination and her ability to craft with relatively few words such an atmospheric and spooky setting and series of events.

For more from this author to watch, visit her website.



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