My Review of “Dark Space: The Invisible War” by Jasper T. Scott

18224051After a brief prologue, Dark Space (Book 2): The Invisible War by Jasper T. Scott (@JasperTScott) picks up right where the action-packed first book of the series left off (see my review of Dark Space) with more of the same. It makes for a fun, fast-moving popcorn-movie type of read.

In his bid to rule Dark Space, the isolated part of the galaxy that had become humanity’s hiding place after losing a devastating war to the alien Sythians, crime boss Alec Brondi captures the largest remaining human warship by unleashing a devastating biologic weapon.

Led by former smuggler Ethan Ortane and his son Atton, a small contingent escapes from Brondi by passing through a jump gate into Sythian-controlled space. Their only hope to re-capture Dark Space is to link up with the isolated remnants of humans resisting the skull-faced conqueror aliens, who possess cloaking technology that allows them to become invisible to human eyes and sensors.

As if fighting through enemy-controlled space isn’t hard enough, there are plenty of other obstacles for Ethan and his son to overcome, including the threat of their crew discovering some unsavory secrets about them. Atton is the latest in a long line impersonating the Supreme Overlord and it was his father who — unwittingly — delivered the deadly bio-agent that killed tens of thousands as the centerpiece of Brondi’s plan. And then there is that highly unusual passenger located in the lower part of the ship…

Dark Space 2: The Invisible War is both a sequel and a prequel, as the narrative shifts to explain how Destra Ortane, mother of Atton and wife of Ethan, survived the initial Sythian assault on her planet ten years earlier. I enjoyed Destra’s story just as much as the main plot involving Ethan and Atton, and I hope she plays an even larger role in the future.

The various plot threads of the book end in a series of cliffhangers that have me anticipating the next installment in this series. For more about the author and his writing, visit his website.



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