Working on my short game: 444 Project & other length-constrained bits

Although my novel-writing muse has been on an extended sabbatical, it seems I’m not entirely out of the game when it comes to making stuff up.

I just stopped trying to his home runs and instead just work on getting on base (For my good friend Paul Anthony: I’m talking about “Rounders,” as you call it). To my own great surprise, going shorter has actually worked: I was able to write fiction again.

In the past couple months I’ve written two SciFi short stories, one which was accepted for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology and the other I plan on throwing at the editors of a second anthology when they open those floodgates. These were the first short stories I’ve written since high school English class, so let me say thank you to Tammy Salyer, an outstanding author and editor, and my youngest daughter Katherine, also a great writer, for their encouragement and excellent suggestions.

The accepted story is called Green Zulu Five One, and you better believe I’ll be letting everyone know where they can get the anthology when it becomes available.

Most recently, I was asked to be a part of the 444 Project, an exciting concept similar to the game where different people take turns telling one story. As the website says, the 444 Project is:

A simple idea based on an insane proposition: That four hundred and forty-four writers can collaborate to weave a science fiction story, and solve its confounding, underlying riddle. And that each writer can tell their part in exactly four hundred and forty-four words. 

My bit for the 444 Project is chapter Three, and you can read it now — but I suggest you start from the beginning or it won’t make much sense. 🙂 

What makes the anthology-accepted short story and the 444 Project quite a bit more special to me is that I was invited by the respective editors to take a swing at coming up with something suitable. Those invites didn’t mean I was guaranteed anything, just that my previous work was good enough to crack the door open.

I’ll take that every day of the week.


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