My Review of “Terminal Rage” by A.M. Khalifa

18271349Finally recovering from the mental toll of his disastrous last case, Alex Blackwell, once the FBI’s top hostage negotiator, is pulled back into action at the request of a man posing as an Arab prince who has taken over a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. Besides the hostages in the building, the man threatens to kill children at daycare centers — knowing this is the one thing he could say that will convince Blackwell to forsake his self-imposed exile.

So begins Terminal Rage by A.M. Khalifa (@amkwriter), a layered thrill ride of a novel that moves seamlessly from inside a nerve-wracking hostage situation to far-flung locations across the United States and the world including Italy, Egypt, England and Australia. Who the mysterious man is and what his motivations are will be revealed in due time, as the reader and Alex uncover and fit together the pieces of large and complicated puzzle.

I’ve spent some time thinking about how to write this review, because I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot and spoil the fun future readers will have with this polished political thriller.

Terminal Rage is a multi-layered story that is topical and yet also timeless, with a real emotional edge underpinning it. The well-conceived plot twists along the way had me nodding my head in admiration of the author’s imagination and storytelling ability, which I would compare favorably to the best of Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth or Ken Follett.

So writing this review is a bit like encouraging someone who hasn’t seen the movie The Sixth Sense to watch it without telling them Bruce Willis is dead; you want people to know how great it is but you don’t want to rob them of those “oh, wow” moments. For me as a reader, those times when well-crafted pieces of a plot puzzle finally slot together and the logic of the author’s intentions become clear are very satisfying.

I highly recommend this well-crafted novel, and look forward to more from Mr. Khalifa. To learn more about the author and his writing, visit his website.



3 responses to “My Review of “Terminal Rage” by A.M. Khalifa

  1. What an excellent review, and I couldn’t agree more! Terminal Rage is finely crafted and fast-paced, and it throws all stereotypes out the window! A breath of fresh air!

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