My Review of “Revive” By SC Harrison

revive_website_coverA fast-paced Young Adult/Urban Fantasy story that I enjoyed very much, Revive by SC Harrison (@SCHAuthor) does everything the first book of a successful series should do, and exceptionally well.

Main characters are introduced, led by protagonist and narrator Catriona Lindensen, and an overarching story arc is sketched. To be sure, along the way there will be twists and turns as sub-plots and new characters are introduced, and perhaps what the reader thought was the main story will turn out to be part of something larger still, but the job of Revive is to get you to want to come back to see it all unfold.

Count me in.

Sixteen-year-old Catriona has just moved to Portland from Los Angeles with her guardian uncle, Haldis, who took custody after her parents were killed in a car accident four years earlier. Cat was in the car, and suffers severe memory lapses as a result. She can’t function without her day planner, where she keeps notes on everything from her homework and school schedule to a canned biography speech to give on meeting new people.

On her first night in Portland, Cat is drawn to the pulsing energy emanating from a nearby nightclub, and then she meets Card at school, a boy whose mere touch gives her otherworldly visions. Afraid she is going insane, Cat begins to fall for Card even as he leads her down a path to knowledge that will upend everything she knows, or thought she knew, about herself. To say much more would be to spoil the plot for future readers.

Although many of the elements of Revive are familiar, Ms. Harrison avoids cliché at every turn and there are some clever plot twists to keep the reader from getting too comfortable. Her characters are original — I especially enjoyed Cat’s “voice” and thinking — and their actions are as realistic as you’d expect in a story that is, after all, a fantasy about faeries. The supernatural creatures we meet in Revive are all very interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

I like to read a lot of genres, but for whatever reason YA books haven’t often made it onto my Kindle. Revive is the second excellent YA book I’ve read in the past month so I’ve got to start delving into the genre more. As for Ms. Harrison, this is the second work of hers that I’ve read — see my review of her novella Planks — and, plainly put, I’m a fan.

For more about Ms. Harrison’s writing, including future installments of the Revive series, visit her website.



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