My Review of “From The Indie Side” anthology

20656708Having recently read (and greatly enjoyed) books by Hugh Howey and Kev Heritage, I was thrilled to receive an advance review copy of From The Indie Side, a new anthology of sci-fi/fantasy stories by award-winning Independent Authors including Howey and Heritage.

A great anthology like this is akin to a sumptuous buffet of delicious foods prepared by gourmet chefs. Set in locations ranging from contemporary New York and New Mexico to fantasy kingdoms and bio-habitats in space, the twelve stories sparked my imagination in different ways. An added treat is having each author provide a brief afterword discussing their story.

One of the bonuses of an anthology is discovering “new-to-you” authors, and there are several in From The Indie Side whose work I am eager to explore further. As much as I enjoyed Howey’s “Mouth Breathers” and Heritage’s “Gyre-Witchery,” my favorites — narrowly decided, after much thought — were “The Winter Lands” by Jason Gurley, “Made of Stars” by Anne Frasier, and “The Man Who Remembered Today” by Peter Cawdron. I enjoyed all of the stories, but there was a little something extra in these tales, a clever twist or turn of phrase, that set them apart and a bit above.

This anthology was obviously put together with great care and love. As a proud Indie Author myself, I have personal experience with the great depth of creativity, support and encouragement that exists in our community. From The Indie Side celebrates this while featuring some of our “All-Stars” but today each of us can write what we want and offer it to others to read. As editor David Gatewood writes in a brief afterword: “I find it fitting that this anthology was led by a mom, an IT project manager, and a banking analyst. Welcome to the new world of indie publishing.”




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