The “It’s not you, it’s me” blog post (… and it really is me)

its-not-you-its-mePeriodically I look at this blog and wonder if I’m not delusional in addition to having depression.

Somewhere on here I’ve written that this isn’t just a book review blog, but the reality is right here in front of me, isn’t it? Lots and lots of book reviews — and a few sea stories from my Navy days that were posted a long, long, long time ago.

Every week now I get a review request or two and my Kindle is overflowing with those and the books I’ve picked out myself. I enjoy discovering new-to-me writers and exploring genres I don’t normally read, and in my current financial situation getting free books is really great. But even when the writing came easier to me (oh, I remember those days) I found it harder to write when reading, especially review requests. I try to pay extra attention to those, the better to provide feedback to the author or compose my review.

I’d like to be writing more, but truthfully that’s been a losing battle since I hit the “publish now” button on my second novel. Oh, second novel … at the time I sure thought soon enough I’d be giving you a younger sibling to harass the way my first novel did to you. Sorry about that.

It occurs to me I may be hiding from writing by reading more. That’s something to think about, maybe discuss with my shrink (haha … kidding! I can’t afford therapy). Ahem.

You know, it also occurs to me  I’ve done this blog post before: Bemoaning how things haven’t lived up to expectations, hinting the future will be different. Strange. That’s exactly how my first three romantic relationships ended (Ed: you wouldn’t be wrong thinking he wasn’t the one ending them, either).


I really meant that bit about “not just a review blog” when I wrote it. I did. But then as now, I’m strapped to come up with what else to do with this little corner of the webisphere. Book reviews, sure, but what else?

I don’t think me writing about writing, publishing, marketing and selling books would be good for anyone. As noted above, I’m not doing much of any of those things these days but more importantly the hard truth is I’m not really good at any of them. I suppose I could serve as an example of what not to do … 🙂 All kidding aside, I do want to write a little something about my current work, which is progressing at a pace that can best be described as glacial.

How about some short stories or flash fiction? Well, I’ve already posted a short story, which happens to be one half of all the short stories I’ve ever written (Ed: and the other short story figures into that work in progress mentioned above). Flash fiction? I’m almost ashamed to admit this but I’m not quite sure what flash fiction is. Descriptions of people in dirty raincoats? 🙂 Anyway, these are good ideas but I do worry about that problem I’m having with actually writing.

More sea stories? Well, yes I might have a few more to share. There was the time I was in Toulon, surrounded by French marines pointing sub-machine guns at me. And that other time … well. There’s more to be told of my Navy days, for sure. Now about that problem I’m having with actually writing …

Personal observations? Yes, this is what I envisioned the blog to be about when I first started it. Just look at the sub-title: “The things that cross my mind …” So, what could be stopping me from adding these to the book reviews, some short stories or flash fiction, and the occasional sea story?

Did I mention that problem I’ve been having with actually writing?

Okay, so I think we’ve covered the fact that I’m not doing so good at the writing of things. This is obviously a problem that I must work on. Some in the past have said making a firm commitment to writing, either fiction or a blog post, is what I should do. I’ve done that before, right here on this blog, and it didn’t turn out so well. How do I know it didn’t work out? Because we’re right back here talking about it again.

(The parallels to my first three breakups are, in fact, staggering. Right there I even sounded like the three girls in question. One person commenting “It’s not you, it’s me” and we’re fully there.)

I’m older now, certainly not wiser, so I won’t tell you for sure things are going to change around here. I know better, and so do some of you (show of hands, how many out there are wondering why this piece of meandering personal drivel has been posted on a book review blog? Ahhh, too many … too many!). But, I do want to mix things up, add some more stuff than just book reviews. So, there. I said it.

I hope this means you’ve been warned. 🙂




2 responses to “The “It’s not you, it’s me” blog post (… and it really is me)

  1. I keep saying “my blog isn’t just a writing blog now” and most weeks all that appears is either stuff about writing, or a Friday Flash. I have to find “life” stuff to write about, mostly because the main perpetrators (who at least made the train wreck entertaining) have moved.

    BTW, “flash fiction” is a story that’s 1000 words or less. There’s a #FridayFlash meme on Twitter that you can use to publicize your efforts. Maybe writing quick pieces like that will help you get back into writing longer stuff. It helped (and still helps) me out a lot.

    • Thanks for commenting! Yes, I assumed Flash Fiction was something like that. I should try it, as you suggest it may help chip away at this block. Having a short leash may also help me learn not to be so wordy. 🙂

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