Updating What I’m Working On

Untitled-2Many months ago I blogged about my work in progress, a Military/Sci-Fi novella, and even posted a short excerpt from one chapter. The idea, based on a few other books I’ve seen, is to tell an overarching story through what I call ‘connected vignettes.’ In this case the story covers the final year of a future war between an alien species and human who have migrated from Earth.

A couple weeks ago I completed the rough draft of Green Zulu Five One (and other stories from the Vyptellian War) and sent it to a diverse group of folks to read and let me know what they think. As of today I’ve heard back from almost everyone and their feedback — positive and constructively critical — has been very encouraging. Side note: It never fails to amaze me how two people can look at the same thing but see it in completely different ways — we really are awesomely complex creatures.

Right now I’m actually trying to not think about GZ51 while I work on revising my first novel, Carpathia (more on that below). By time that’s complete I should have notes from everyone who graciously agreed to beta read GZ51, and that’s when I’ll dig back into it. This ‘not thinking’ about a pending project is new to me, but I hope when the time comes the distance will help me in preparing the final draft.

Cover 11-12My summer plans for Carpathia and The Devil’s Harvest started out as simply (yet) another attempt to eradicate those pesky typos that seem to reproduce like cockroaches. New covers are also overdue. But I haven’t read the entirety of my first two novels in quite some time and I immediately saw changes I wanted to make (that distance thing!). Nothing major — a word here, a phrase there, and filling in the occasional plot hole — but enough that the job is taking a lot more time than originally planned given the slow work pace that has become my new norm.

My goal is to have revisions to Carpathia done in the next couple weeks. Then my focus will return to Green Zulu Five One, which I hope to publish by the end of October. Eventually, I’ll get to revising The Devil’s Harvest.

Also in the mix is publishing a short story by my youngest daughter titled Bad Things and,  as a way to force myself to write,  I’ve asked to be part of an anthology slated for release around Christmas. All in all, it could be a very productive Fall for me, writing-wise. It’s been a couple years, so that would be a welcome change. 🙂




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