Revised “Carpathia” now available

Carpathia 9-14 rev smallerOne of the writing projects I’ve been working on has been a revision to my first novel, Carpathia. I love that book unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t need to be cracked open and worked on a bit. Typos (sigh!) primarily but I also excised a few plot holes and generally tightened the over-writing I tend towards.

There’s a new cover, too, featuring the photograph “Morning Light” by Nicole Ruby. The photo has been a favorite of mine from the moment I saw it. For more of this artist’s work, please visit her website.

Today, the revised version of Carpathia is available for Kindle and I expect the paperback version to go live shortly after I receive the proof from CreateSpace. If you previously bought the Kindle version you should get an automatic update from Amazon. If you don’t, let me know.

I’m calling this the definitive version of the novel, because I don’t expect I’ll be digging back into it again. Well, at least not until someone points out the new typos I created cleaning up the old ones. 🙂



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