Believe it or not, the writing was easier

Spoiler Alert: Way down at the bottom is the reason for this post. Skip ahead if you want to … I won’t tell anyone  🙂

I haven’t been shy when it comes to talking about my problems writing the past couple years. In the Movie of My Life, the last twenty-four months of writing could be covered with a montage of me sitting at my desk, staring at blank Scivener pages while suitably sad music played — think Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence (“Hello Darkness, my old friend …”).

So I’m pretty excited to have actually started and finished something, a Military/Sci-Fi novella titled Green Zulu 51 (and other stories from the Vyptellian War). I’ve blogged about this novella before when I was waiting for feedback from beta readers. Well, now I’ve made revisions based on that feedback, added a couple chapters that I think were needed for balance, and even got a really kick-a$$ cover designed by the awesome Norman Dixon Jr. (@normandixonjr).

The book is off for one last look-through and then hopefully we’ll turn it into electrons that people can download from Amazon for less than the cost of a gallon of milk.

But because I haven’t published anything for two years,  I completely forgot that actually writing the thing is the easier part. Marketing and selling the book is much harder, as difficult to believe as that is for someone coming off a two-year struggle with writer’s block.

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t like to promote myself and my level of self-confidence can charitably be described as “crippling.” I know I like my stories, most days, but I honestly don’t understand why anyone else would. Or does. If they do, that is. Or if they don’t. In which case … well I get that.

See what I mean about “charitably”? pinocchio-8

But now I’ve got this little book almost ready to become electrons (Pinocchio: “But father, I’m alive. See? And… and I’m… I’m real. I’m a real boy!”) so I have to buckle-up my big-boy pants and try to do it.

Here it is … ‘the ask’

If you’d like to help me out, that would be great. I’d like to do a cover reveal and then a launch announcement on some blogs, and give out some advance copies to potential reviewers. (Note: in newspaper terminology, putting ‘the ask’ this far down is called “burying the lead.” Something I did too often and evidently a habit I can’t kick.)

I’ve already received a lot of great support and assistance with this project from folks like Tammy Salyer (@TammySalyer), Norm Dixon, David Lawlor (@LawlorDavid), KariAnn Ramadorai (@KariAnnWrites), Lolly Caviness (@PariahSickKid), Katherine Whitmore (@darkofthezodiac), and Aymen Khalifa (@amkwriter) — to name just a few.

But there’s always room for more helpers in the leaky ship that is my writing career (Ed: Whut?). If you’re interested, contact me on Twitter (@ScottWhitmore) or via the blog Contact Page.


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