“Underground” anthology takes readers down deep

2014_anth_coverWhat does “underground” mean to you?

Underground is an anthology from the Northwest Independent Writers Association (@niwa_writers) presenting fourteen “underground” stories, each with a different interpretation of the titular theme.

In these pages, you will visit a murderer’s hideout, walk the road to the afterlife, plunder a dragon’s lair, uncover a mysterious archaeological artifact, glimpse human existence after an environmental apocalypse, and delve deep into dark secretes, crime syndicates, forbidden worlds, sacrifice, and the human psyche.

Featuring stories by:

Mike Chinakos  •  Amber Michelle Cook  •  Pamela Cowan  •  Jake Elliot  •  Jonathan Ems  •  T.L. Kleinberg  •  Jason LaPier  •  Maggie Lynch  •  Roslyn McFarland  •  Cody Newton  •  Dey Rivers  •  Steven L. Shrewsbury  •
Dale Ivan Smith  •  Laurel Standley  •  Jennifer Willis

Underground: A Collection of Short Fiction is out in paperback now and will be available in eBook formats on Nov. 7.

The Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA) supports indie and hybrid authors and promotes professional standards in independent writing, publishing, and marketing. Learn more at NIWAwriters.net.


One response to ““Underground” anthology takes readers down deep

  1. Thanks for the great shout-out!

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