The cover for “Green Zulu Five One” is just awesome

A war of millions is fought by individuals

GZcoverfinal smallerMy new Military/Sci-Fi novella, Green Zulu Five One (and other stories from the Vyptellian War) is available now for pre-order and will be “live” on Tuesday, November 4.

The cover, which I think is pretty awesome, was created by Norman Dixon Jr. (click on the picture to see a bigger version). Norm is the author of several novels including one of The Best I Read in 2013. and I had a lot of fun working with him.

Green Zulu Five One is a thought-provoking look at war, character-driven but with action sequences, too. In preparation for the book’s launch, I asked Norm a few questions about the cover:

How did the cover come about?

You approached me to do a beta read for the book and at the time I was really craving some sci-fi so I took you up on that offer. Besides I really liked Carpathia so it was an easy decision. I loved Green Zulu so much I offered to do the cover.

22852073Had you done any cover work prior to your work on Green Zulu Five One?

Yes, I did the cover work for my trilogy The Creepers from Permuted Press. The first of which is available now. I also did the cover for the fabulous Amanda M. Lee’s Grim Tidings.

So you’re an artist and a writer?

Yes, I’m sort of all over the place creatively. I recently indie published a children’s book I did for my daughter called Olive’s Adventures. There is a plan to make that a continuing series so look for many more in the near future. I am currently working on a fantasy trilogy that I plan to indie publish over the next few years. I am available for cover work and I can be reached at or twitter @normandixonjr if anyone is interested. Pricing varies depending on what’s needed.



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