My Review of “The Whisper of Stars” by Nick Jones

23264290A fast-paced futuristic sci-fi techno-thriller with some truly interesting concepts, The Whisper of Stars is the debut novel of Nick Jones (@nickjoneswriter).

After a brief prologue that raises questions that won’t be answered until much later, the story skips ahead thirty-odd years to 2091. The future as envisioned by Mr. Jones is filled with cool technology but overshadowed by concerns about climate change and dwindling resources.

With human survival in the balance, the solution seems to be Hibernation, with the population divided into lots so people alternate “sleeping” with remaining awake and active. Hibernation means people live much longer, and there are laws to protect the rights of those hibernating, but it wouldn’t be much of a thriller if there wasn’t something else going on, would it?

London MI5 agent Jennifer Logan works in the Duality Division, tasked with enforcing Hibernation and rooting out illegal cloning and mind replication operations. In the aftermath of an operation gone bad, she meets Nathan O’Brien, a grieving widower searching for those responsible for the death of his investigative journalist wife.

To say much more would spoil the fun for future readers. The story moves at a good pace, the action sequences are exciting and well described, and there are some mild twists along the way, too. All in all, I enjoyed reading The Whisper of Stars and will add the next book in the series to my To Read List.

3 stars

3 stars


One response to “My Review of “The Whisper of Stars” by Nick Jones

  1. I really enjoyed this book. I loved thinking behind the world building, especially the concept of hibernation as a solution to global warming and dwindling resources. I also really enjoyed the combination of science-fiction and the espionage genres. I’m really glad you enjoyed it too.

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