My Review of “Uroboros Saga Book 3” by Arthur Walker

23257236Three books into this twisty, character-driven sci-fi saga, I feel like we’re starting to get some answers to the myriad questions raised in the first two entries. In fact, the ending of Uroboros Saga Book 3 by Arthur Walker (@ArthurHWalker) seems to leave much less dangling than either Book 2 (my review) or Book 1 (my review).

I used the modifier ‘seems’ in that last sentence for good reason, because given the fast-paced nature of this series I suspect the author is just giving us readers some space to catch our breath before things get crazy again. What follows contains some spoilers from earlier installments.

Book 3 immediately picks up from the two cliffhangers at the end of the previous installment, although the events are many years apart. Decades before the catastrophic Global Shutdown, Ezra One and his team of drones are trying to extricate the warden of the Mars penal facility during an attempted takeover by the convict population, an excitingly-described event so far unconnected to the larger storyline.

Meanwhile, in the “present” post-Shutdown, the team led by Silverstein, Taylor and Ezra have been caught by the enigmatic Dr. Helmet after stealing the mysterious catalyst from a secret Central Global Government (CGG) facility. From those explosive beginnings the action shifts around the poor and working-class parts of Port Montaigne, including returning to the underground home of Ezra’s drone tribe. There they find the Shutdown has affected more than just the humans above.

The narrative continues to shift between first- and third-person, and as I’ve previously mentioned the perspective changes work well — better than most other books I’ve seen trying it. When changing narrators in first person Mr. Walker does a great job making each voice unique and realistic to the character. My favorite of the lead trio remains Ezra One, the scrappy pygmy drone manufactured to protect human life at all costs.

Although some questions are answered, as is usual for the Uroboros Saga more are raised throughout Book 3. The only solution to this enjoyable problem is picking up the next installment. 🙂

4 stars

4 stars


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