My Review of “War Stories” Anthology

23352545Featuring stories by Joe Haldeman, Linda Nagata, Karin Lowachee, Ken Liu and Jake Kerr, among others, War Stories is a must-have for any fan of the military/sci-fi and sci-fi genres. Like every other anthology I’ve ever picked up, there were a few entries that didn’t resonate with me, but overall the book is packed with stories that are in turns action-packed, imaginative, exciting, thought-provoking and just plain fun.

There is a lot of diversity throughout these stories, with variety in location, time period, main characters and the type of storytelling employed. I especially enjoyed Haldeman’s “Graves,” as well as “Light and Shadow” by Nagata, a story set in the same universe as her “The Red” trilogy. “The Radio” by Susan Jane Bigelow, “Suits” by James Sutter, “Mission. Suit. Self” from Kerr, and “War Dog” by Mike Barretta were also among my favorites.

I’ve had War Stories on my Kindle for quite some time ­— this review is based on the copy I received for supporting the Kickstarter campaign — but when I first got it I was reading something else. Then it slid back to the end of the queue as new books were added ­and it dropped off my radar — a problem that happens all too frequently.

But a couple weeks ago I made it a point to go back through the unread books on my device and seeing the distinctive cover I remembered how much I had been looking forward to War Stories. So I opened it up and have been reading one or two stories a night since, savoring them and even re-reading a couple until, sadly, there were no more.

Truth time: when this anthology was announced I really, really wanted to be a part of it. I submitted a story for consideration, and sat back to wait. Eventually an email arrived from the editors saying my story was strong and made it into the final round of selection, but there was only so much space in the book. I appreciated those kind words but it wouldn’t be wrong to say my disappointment may have played a part in why I didn’t crack this open when I first got it.

Hey, I’m only human. 🙂

4 stars

4 stars


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