My Review of “The Killing Kind ” by Chris Holm

25334505Fast-paced and action-packed, The Killing Kind by Chris Holm @chrisfholm is a solidly entertaining read — the book equivalent of a “summer popcorn movie.”

Michael Hendricks is a former U.S. Army special forces operator who no longer officially exists after his unit was nearly wiped out in an ambush. To atone for his actions in the military, he’s taken up a new occupation as a hitman who only kills other hitmen. But as good as he is at killing killers — the first scene, set in Miami, is a thrilling intro — Michael’s new job has attracted attention from both sides of the law. Unknowingly hunted by the FBI and a sociopath contract assassin, Michael sets out to find his next client.

As mentioned above, the pace is brisk and the action scenes well detailed. But, much like that summer popcorn movie, the characters aren’t too deeply drawn and the plot points are fairly predictable. If you’re looking for a taut and grittily realistic nerve-jangler … well, this probably won’t scratch that itch. But, if you want to lose yourself in a well-executed escapist yarn, you might find The Killing Kind just what you’re looking for.

3 stars

3 stars


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