My Review of “Uroboros Saga Book 6” by Arthur Walker

31549227The latest entry in this fast-paced and fun futuristic sci-fi series, Uroboros Saga Book 6 by Arthur Walker (@ArthurHWalker) opens with a flashback that explains a major plot point before returning to a decidedly more domestic scene with Kale and Brook in post-Shutdown Port Montaigne.

No spoilers, but I now know who, and what, the Cabal are, and continue to find very endearing the growing relationship between the nanotech replica and rescue drone. We don’t spend much time contemplating laundry and vegetable gardens, however. Soon enough Kale and Brook re-join colorful ex-mercenaries Perfidy and Heavy Dub to continue the fight against rogue elements of the Cabal for control of Earth. The pace doesn’t slow until the final pages and there will be some losses along the way as the action shifts to Mars and beyond.

The cast for this series has understandably grown quite large over the previous five books, and some of the more unusual and colorful have become real favorites of mine. I believe everyone at least makes an appearance here, although ‘speaking parts’ aren’t available for each. Still, the author’s imagination and descriptive skill have resulted in some truly memorable characters.

To repeat something said in my earlier reviews: Discussing the merits of the latest book in a series is tough. You’ve read five and liked them, you’re likely going to keep reading regardless of what I think. And if you are looking ahead at reviews to get a sense of whether the Uroboros Saga is worth starting in the first place (it is), you don’t want major plot points to be spoiled.

Uroboros Saga Book 6 wraps up so many loose ends it almost seems like the series finale. But the author assured me via Twitter that there will be at least three more books. I’m looking forward to what happens next.





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