About me

Who am I? Who are any of us, really?

OK, that’s pretty deep — too deep for an “about me” blog entry. Here’s who I think I am:

  • Past what some may consider the midpoint of life (let’s just say mid-50s-ish and call it even), but like to think I’m still open-minded and (at least) partially aware of what’s going on in the world of pop culture.
  • Interested in the world and what’s going on outside of the United States.
  • Reader, once mostly of non-fiction (history and current events) but now I’ve gotten back into fiction: steampunk and mystery/thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy … whatever strikes my fancy.
  • I’ve written three novels, fulfilling a lifelong ambition shared by quite a few others. Find more about them elsewhere on this blog.
  • Former sportswriter and copy editor at a medium-sized daily newspaper. Covered auto racing and high school sports.
  • Onetime blogger for motorsports including IndyCar, NASCAR, F1 and NHRA.
  • Freelance writer.
  • Retired U.S. Navy officer; began military career as an enlisted Sailor.
  • Father, grandfather, uncle. All girls. Hmm, go figure.

Is this me? Is it you? (because if it is … I’m on the wrong blog *rimshot*)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ….


16 responses to “About me

  1. Good Morning Scott, I was looking for a picture of a USN light off torch and the Google search landed me on your little ditty about your time in DESRON TEN. Brought back memories. I was B division officer on Josephus Daniels and Gary Roughhead was First LT. We were Ensigns together. Cheers and thanks. Fred

    • Thank you, sir, for the comment. I remember seeing “Joey D” on the waterfront, and she was part of the Teddy Roosevelt Battle Group when I deployed to the Med in ’93 in USS Arleigh Burke.

  2. Scott – After reading your “About Me” contribution, I had to write and say we have more in common than I thought. First, I tried to enlist in the Navy (1972) but they rejected me due to bad ears and color blindness. I’m also a father (1 boy, 1 girl), and uncle (2 sisters have 6 girls between them, 1 brother has 2 boys), a grandfather (the sweetest, smartest, cutest, most loveable little boy ever born; also the reason “JaxGrampy” is my WordPress name), I’m a reader, I have opinions (most of which I’d BETTER keep to myself if I want my nose to keep its natural shape), and I’d like to write novels, too (yes, wouldn’t we all?). The only big difference I see is I’m afraid I’m slowly sliding away from middle age! But I would like to know the U.S. Government’s official declaration of what age IS middle age, before I write myself off for good!

    Oh, about the “open-minded” part? My wife would say I’m more “empty-headed” than “open-minded”, but I like to think they’re pretty much the same thing!


  3. JaxGrampy you can write a novel at any age. I’m proof of that as I’ve written two now and on the other side of 50 … as the men in my family tend to die around 75 I’m closer to the end than the beginning :). Thanks for the comment and for reading. Feel free to add your thoughts to these pages anytime. Scott

  4. Hi Scott! I thought you might need some more exposure/encouragement, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://carrieslager.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/the-liebster-award/#more-3821 No obligation to accept, but I thought you might want to know.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and following, your blog is pretty informative!

  6. Deepest thanks for reviewing my book CONTACT and writing such a considered and detailed review, I appreciate it and it’s interesting to read about your background having been in the military as well. You have all girls too? Too funny .. I have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren and only one grandchild is a boy – and wouldn’t you know it at 12 years of age he already has an extraordinary imagination and loves to write – family’s worried he’ll turn out like me 🙂 Will definitely follow your blog in future, enjoy it greatly – thank you!

    • I appreciate your comment and follow, sir. I greatly enjoyed “Contact”. I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland/N. Ireland in 1997 when I was stationed in Naples, Italy, and have been interested in the area and conflict since.

      I’m afraid my Navy “sea stories” on this blog don’t hold a candle to your experiences as a Para, though. 🙂 Still, like you with “Contact,” I write those sea stories not for any reader, but for myself. Thank you again and I hope we’ll have occasion to trade comments again in the future. 🙂

  7. Happy to “converse” in future. Writing can become such a solitary activity and I am a natural hermit I think, so sometimes have to come out of the cave 🙂

  8. jaxgrampy I hear you AND I agree with Scott it’s never too late to start writing. I am nearing 65 years with 5 grandchildren and intend to write till I drop. I am FULL of opinions that always get me into trouble, but what the hell, life’s too short. For example, my book “An Unquiet American” uses a highly provocative political premise for the main plot – where extreme right wing conservatives work with Christian Zionists and plot to ensure “their man” wins the next presidency of the United States. You should read my reviews – Republicans slag off at me and Democrats love me – and I apologize if I have already offended you …..though I tend to the left a little more than the right I have voted both ways in the past – but interestingly enough by introducing such a hot topic I have, in many ways, hurt myself as a writer as half my readers give me 5 Star reviews and the other 1 Star or less ….. but you know, I would not have it any other way as I still think it’s a well written book and the main thing is people are thinking outside the box. I love that they rant and rave at me because at least their grey cells are being stimulated and they are passionate about what they are saying and articulating and how good is that. Too many people today simply don’t care enough to even raise their voice. So I say sit down one day and just put pen to paper and see what happens 🙂

    • Interesting you mention leaning left as I tend to as well, although like you I have voted both sides, preferring to back the most qualified candidate rather than a party or ideology.

      After I retired I briefly held an admin job with a state agency & during a candid conversation my boss, a woman about my age who was highly educated, mentioned she found me completely unlike her expectations of a retired military officer.

      She thought “military types” were all ultra-conservative and prone to inflexibility of thought. I was happy to disabuse her of such bias, and to point out the military is a reflection of society as a whole with conservatives, liberals, men, women, straights, gays, all colors, all religions, all sizes, etc. etc.

  9. So much about the military and people in the military is misunderstood. The stereotypes that are out there are so one dimensional and out of touch with reality – as you say the military is a reflection of society as a whole. For some reason people seem to equate discipline, following orders and strict training and protocols with conservatism and “not using your brain” – in my experience those things are all to do with ensuring that your mind body and spirit is always on high alert and actively engaged so that in a life and death situation you and everyone around you lives! It’s such a different context from the corporate world or most people’s everyday working lives and therefore has all sorts of images projected on it that just aren’t true.

  10. Scott – Hope all is well since we last connected at DESRON 10 and your commissioning ceremony in Arleigh Burke. All the best, Doug

    • Hey, sir! Nice to hear from you. Where are you these days & what are you doing? Thanks again for the loan of your sword 🙂 Shoot me an email if you want (40westmedia@comcast.net)

  11. You say, in the bullets above: “Reader, once mostly of non-fiction (history and current events) but now I’ve gotten back into non-fiction: steampunk and mystery/thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy…” I think you mean “…I’ve gotten back into FICTION: steampunk…” Just sayin’….

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