How I Do Book Reviews

First and foremost, I do not write negative reviews. I’m not arrogant enough to believe my taste is universal, and therefore I will not be critical of another author, potentially influencing readers to skip something they may well enjoy even if I didn’t.

Despite appearances to the contrary, this is not a book review blog. Yes, I do write a lot of reviews but that’s only because I happen to read a lot. I like reading, and I suspect becoming a “dedicated” reviewer would dilute that somewhat.

Dec. 26, 2014: I am not accepting review requests at this time. 

I am open to being asked to review books. Before I agree, however, the author will need to acknowledge there is a chance I will not like the book and therefore no review will be written. In those circumstances, the only people who will know are the author and myself.

If you want to ask about reviewing your book, contact me via the tab above or Twitter (@ScottWhitmore). I’m interested in a wide variety of genres, so don’t let previous reviews serve as a guide for what you think may interest me.

NEW FOR 2013: I’ve decided to start adding star ratings to my reviews that will correspond to the ratings I assign in and Here are the criteria I will use:

3-Stars 4-Stars 5-Star


2 responses to “How I Do Book Reviews

  1. I find negative and positive reviews equaly informative. I would not say it’s arrogance to write a negative review. I appreciate a well writen and cogent critique, no matter the star rating.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I also find both types of reviews informative, as long as the negative ones are honest and without emotion or bias. (So hard to know that though, isn’t it?)

    But even with that, being publicly negative isn’t for me. I will provide feedback directly to the author, if they so wish.

    Again, thank you for reading and taking the time to provide your thoughts. I hope you look around the blog, and maybe there will be something else that interests you.

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