Who is this Scott Whitmore guy?

Ahhh, a new blog. How many have I started? Too many.

And always there is the pressure of coming up with that first post. It should be something good, right? Something that really speaks to what you’re going to write, what you have to say that will make this blog more relevant and interesting that the thousands (millions?) of other blogs out there in cyberspace.

Annnnnnd …. I got nothing right now.

In the past my blogs have revolved around specific things … motorsports or my Navy career (please note I’ve imported my previous Navy blog posts into this one .. they are the older posts). For this blog, I plan on being more non-specific. I’ve got some strange stuff rolling around between my (too-big?) ears.

By the way, the photo? Yep, that’s an actual bowling ball sitting in the gutter. Found it while walking the dog one day. Get it? It’s a gutter ball! (Yep, that’s the kind of highjinks you can expect on this corner of the web)

I’m trying to write a novel, which is funny because I’ve been in the throes of writer’s block for months now … ask anyone who has very generously offered me a spot writing for their blogs. I would like to, but I’m afraid my spotty production would disappoint them greatly.

So, I figure if I start this one more blog, maybe keep it non-specific, the only person I’ll disappoint is me.

Well, and you, of course. If you bother to read it.

Soooooo, how about that weather lately? 🙂

OK, below is the text from the “About Me” page I just created. Maybe that’ll get us off to a good start:


About Me

Who am I? Who are any of us, really?

OK, that’s pretty deep — too deep for an “about me” blog entry. Here’s who I think I am:

  • Fast approaching middle-aged, but like to think I’m still open-minded and (at least) partially aware of what’s going on in the world of pop culture.
  • Interested in the world and what’s going on outside of the United States. Politics? Try to avoid ’em thank you very much. Opinions? Yep, got some of them but don’t give them out too easily.
  • Reader, mostly of non-fiction (history and current events) but lately I’ve gotten back into non-fiction: steampunk and mystery/thrillers like Jo Nesbo’s Inspector Harry Hole series.
  • I’d like to write novels (hmmm, wouldn’t we all?).
  • Former sportswriter and copy editor at a medium-sized daily newspaper. Covered auto racing and high school sports.
  • Sometime blogger for motorsports including IndyCar, NASCAR, F1 and NHRA.
  • Freelance writer.
  • Retired U.S. Navy officer; began military career as an enlisted Sailor.
  • Father, grandfather, uncle. All girls. Hmm, go figure.

Is this me? Is it you? (because if it is … I’m on the wrong blog *rimshot*)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ….


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