The Devil’s Harvest

Quick update on the new book, which is now titled The Devil’s Harvest.

Trust me, I did not want to change the title from “Dead Man’s Land,” but there is another book set in World War I France coming out very soon with that title. That book does not feature Steampunk or paranormal elements, but it just seemed wiser to change the title to avoid confusion.

As you may recall, another book with the title Carpathia came out at the same time as mine, so I was very careful about checking upcoming titles in advance.

The Devil’s Harvest has been used as a title twice in the past couple years, but the settings and timing of  those books should not cause any confusion. (Hoping!).

I’m drawing the title from the following quote:

A day of battle is a day of harvest for the Devil.
— Rev. William Hooke
Sermon at Taunton, Massachusetts, 1640

The Devil’s Harvest is: zombies, Steampunk, airships, military action, adventure, thrills, spies, vampires and werewolves. I hope to have it published in the next few weeks.


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